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LGBT rights: The apathy and ignorance that is not only accepted, but applauded by some in this country.

December 3, 2011

I think it is a widely accepted and supported idea that a person should be able to marry the person that they love, if they so choose. Do you not? Could you imagine your entire society (not just the church- the government) telling you that your natural feelings are wrong, unnatural and that you have to change in order to receive equal rights? Could you imagine having to marry a person that is of the sex that you do not prefer? (And in fact, probably grosses you out – I couldn’t imagine marrying a woman – not to yuck any yums out there. One vagine is enough for me.) Could you imagine pretending that you love someone you don’t just so that you can fit into society and receive the rights promised to “every person” (e.g. the 14th amendment)? Could you be happy in this situation? Well, for the LGBT community this is what Michelle Bachmann is suggesting – no, demanding. I would also like to point out that the DSM-IV no longer recognizes being gay as a paraphilia, or a sickness, so to think as such is not only outdated, it’s scientifically erroneous.

So, check this out. I saw this on HuffPost yesterday. These high school students are asking Michelle Bachmann about her stance on gay marriage. One of the girls prefaces by saying “I’m part of the GSA -” and Bachmann says, “What’s that?” -_- How informed can you truly be on this issue, if you don’t know what the Gay-Straight Alliance is? You obviously don’t have all of the facts. So, the girl goes on to explain to a potential future president what this prominent controversial organization is. Then, every time this girl asks a question and Bachmann just utters something, the adult supporters applaud her. Are you trying to teach this girl to not think differently? To not initiate change? If that’s what had been taught to history’s youth, we would probably still be enslaving people based on nationality. Literally after every noise that drops from her mouth, they go nuts. I can’t image how ganged up on this teenager must feel, by a bunch of adults. She can’t even have a debate because half the time you can’t hear what Bachmann is saying in response, but they are cheering anyway. Do they even hear what Bachmann is saying?

But that’s neither here, nor there; it’s just annoying. So, the young woman says something like, Why can’t gays have the same rights as straight people? And Bachmann says something like, They can, as long as they abide by the laws. They do not get special privileges. The can’t have gay marriage because that is the law of the land. – End paraphrase. First of all, what Bachmann is saying, is that gay people can have the same rights as straight people, just as long as they are straight. Or pretend to be straight – that’s good enough for her. And, also, Michelle Bachmann, you can’t say someone can or can’t do something because it’s the “law of the land,” it must come from morality. Not to mention that, that is a tautologous statement – it’s a law, because it’s a law. It’s non-logic. What’s more, you are campaigning for a job that lets you change laws. If your belief is that it’s right because it’s a law, well, you are going to be a pretty useless president. But we all know that’s not what you really meant – you were just evading the real question. As an example, I have the right to an abortion and birth control because that is the law of the land, but you are fighting like hell to take it away from me. And finally, since when is marrying the person you love a “special privilege”?

What people need to quintessentially understand, is that being gay is not a choice, nor is it unnatural. Whatever created us, created us to have preferences that are, at their basest, unchangeable. These people, (because they are people) deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Could you be happy pretending to be something that you are not? Is that the kind of government that we want? ‘You don’t fit into the ‘norm,’ so change or we are taking away your basic rights’? It’s a terrible habit of this country, and the blatant ignorance and apathy towards these people is, frankly, appalling and disheartening. It’s a good thing that young minds, like this girls, are always pushing forward. This cause will persevere and in the future, every person will be considered the person the 14th amendment claims to protect.


I just read this article by Margaret Cho about LGBT community in San Francisco. She explains it perfectly.

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  1. December 3, 2011 4:38 pm

    Bachmann is incapable of even recognizing her own contradictions.

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